Wanton Lust

It was early morning, the sun barely kissing the horizon. We were still sleeping, naked, embraced in a big spoon, little spoon fashion. I felt your hand leave mine and silently slide up my arm. I heard the subtle sound of your lips parting, my eyes remained closed but I knew your fingers were in your mouth, I grew wet. The anticipation of your fingers burned between my thighs as the blankets ruffled and your arm reached down between us. I sit tight for your touch, but you were making me wait…

Your hands occupied your own desire, painting the moisture from your fingers to the tip of your cock. I felt your hands caress my bum and the backs of my thighs as you spread my legs slightly, slipping your fingers between, slowly you part me, as gently as you would the wings of a butterfly.

I’m already wet for you, I wanted you inside me, instead you tease me by tracing tiny circles around my opening, my hips motion in attempt to force your finger to penetrate me but your free hand holds me still.

–Its about the pleasure, making it last, for this is not wanton lust but our mutual satisfaction–

I let out a soft whimper as your fingers slowly slip away. You lock your hands on my hips and drive yourself inside me with such force that I gasp, you hold yourself there. I can feel your cock  twitch deep inside me and your hot breath on the back of my neck, but you still don’t move. I want it, so bad. My hips struggle to break from your grasp so I can ride you. You whisper ‘Shhh, I’m not finished with you yet.’  I bite my bottom lip and close my eyes again, my breath hot and heavy, how could you possibly make me want you more?

Your hand releases my hips, slides down my tummy and reaches between my legs. I part them slightly, allowing your hand to slip between. Your steady fingers immediately stroke over my little pearl. Numbness creeps down my legs, I cant move I am paralyzed in pleasure. My legs twitch with every stroke.  Your cock still buried deep inside, throbs as I clench around with each moan and twitch. I feel myself building up for release, you allow me to gently rock my hips. You can tell I’m about to come, my moans getting shallow, and more frequent so you thrust your cock once more to push me into ecstasy. I cry out that I’m coming and you thrust once more to finish me off.

I’m spent, a bead of sweat dances down from my neck between my breasts. You kiss my neck and tell me I’m beautiful. I quickly regain composure because I know, we’re not even close to being done yet…


Sasha Femme


Thinking of the man who marches to the beat of his own drum but still allows me to be the one who takes his breath away.