The Fallen

Shh, don’t speak, listen, watch…

Isn’t that video incredible?? It has inspired me in so many ways.

So who is Forrest and Bob?

Forrest & Bob is an affordable online fashion and lifestyle brand for women and men, offering a sexy product that competes with high-end brands in attitude as well as in quality.

Their Garments come highly recommended by yours truly.




Tied Bound

Left alone in the dark, decaying, mould

Stark naked wearing only a blindfold

He enters silently, drawing near, quietly whispers in my ear.

I must do what I am told, or no promise of my futures hold.

Match Strike, Cigarette light

The smell of smoke invades my air, ‘Take a drag if you dare’

His finger tips, my quivering lips

Inhale deep …

Above my head wrists still bound, pulsating heat to my mound.

Leaning forward wanting more, I hear his foots steps cross the floor.

“You did not do as you were told; now I leave you in the cold”

My soft whimpers he did not hear, he will be back I need not fear.

~Sasha Femme 
Photograph by: Richard Northwood

Bad Girl

I tried hard to be a good girl but cannot help myself to be bad.

This delicious contrast has driven me to some pretty adventurous encounters.

Many that must be told.

Join me as I share my life, my lust and body through each erotic quest.

I can be whoever you want me to be, close your eyes imagine me…

~Sasha Femme 


Thinking of the man who marches to the beat of his own drum but still allows me to be the one who takes his breath away.