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Brief History of Pole Dance

Pole dace has become a very popular form of fitness within the last few years. I, myself am a huge supporter and aspire to one day have my own studio where I can teach women of all ages how to find their inner sensual self.

I fell in love with pole dance the moment I twirled around on the pole and knew it was my passion as soon as I heard myself encouraging other women to try. The reason I want to have my own studio is similar to why I write my short stories. I want to encourage women to shed their inhibitions and explore their sensual self through creative expression.

When asked what I do, or aspire to do, I say without hesitation, Pole Dance. Sometimes I still get the odd, uncomfortable ‘Oh, really’ comment and I know they are immediately associating it with stripping. I understand this notion as majority of people make that connection but I always let them know it is my form of creative expression and I am happiest when I am dancing.

I was doing a little bit of research on Pole Dancing and came across this article “A Brief History of Pole Dance. It’s over a year old now but still a great read. See for yourself



Pole Dance

Pole dancing does not have a strict set of guidelines for movement the way ballet or other formal arts do. This makes it highly accessible to a vast number of women and men, who can choose to make it whatever they please.

I’ve been researching different styles of dance and dance fitness as I am very keen on creative expression.  I follow a blog by the name of The X-Pole Blog as well as a few others on the topic of Pole Dance and I found this article Empowerment in Pole to be a great read because of the truth behind it.

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