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Brief History of Pole Dance

Pole dace has become a very popular form of fitness within the last few years. I, myself am a huge supporter and aspire to one day have my own studio where I can teach women of all ages how to find their inner sensual self.

I fell in love with pole dance the moment I twirled around on the pole and knew it was my passion as soon as I heard myself encouraging other women to try. The reason I want to have my own studio is similar to why I write my short stories. I want to encourage women to shed their inhibitions and explore their sensual self through creative expression.

When asked what I do, or aspire to do, I say without hesitation, Pole Dance. Sometimes I still get the odd, uncomfortable ‘Oh, really’ comment and I know they are immediately associating it with stripping. I understand this notion as majority of people make that connection but I always let them know it is my form of creative expression and I am happiest when I am dancing.

I was doing a little bit of research on Pole Dancing and came across this article “A Brief History of Pole Dance. It’s over a year old now but still a great read. See for yourself



Analogue Photography

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved photographs produced from analogue.

During my school girl days I took photography courses teaching me tips and techniques to use in the dark room to develop good quality photo’s, I fell in love with the process. I have an old Polaroid camera which upon a recent visit to New York I sought out instant film provided by ‘Impossible Project‘ -an amazing resource for all passionate lovers of analog Instant Photography.

Now days I happily reside on the other side of the lens but my experiences with film has given me a fondness and great respect to those who continue to use analogue photography.

Today I stumbled upon this stunning Photography & Self Portraits created by analog photographer Brittany Markert.

I find her photo’s truly fascinating and I felt compelled to share because she is an artist who clearly understands and has mastered the art of analogue photography.





For more beautiful photo’s check out In Rooms -A photo dairy by Brittany Markert 

Passions Spent

Brusquely I wake with breathless gasps

A dream of his touch unclasped

I feel him now as his hands are mine

Slowly, steadily my hips incline

Fervent sounds escape my lips

I dance beneath wicked finger tips

Sensing now the end is near

Closed eyes shed a single tear

Descending down from my relent

Drifting relief from my passions spent.

~Sasha Femme 





Heat Stroke

During a heat wave it’s recommended you stay indoors…

Or find a wet retreat…

Lucian Cleruge

Be sure to take care of yourself, it’s a scorcher 😉



Lord Lichfield’s Collection of Nudes

Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield or more professionally known as Patrick Linchfield was famed for his royal commissions – capturing The Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer on their wedding day along with other such Royal events. He did work for magazines including Life and Vogue and published several photography books.

A few months ago a London exhibition revealed for the first time his lesser-known collection of artistic nudes.

‘What he was known for was celebrating style and glamour. His nudes are a natural extension of what he did.

Essentially, his photographs tended to be the stuff of dreams. He was a dandy and was somebody who, if he saw an opportunity to make life beautiful, felt he had a duty to do so

His photo’s are beautiful and speak for them selves, I really wish I could have attended the exhibition.



Lipstick Kisses

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red Lipstick.” Gwyneth Paltrow.

Penthouse Mag

Well; now that we all know my shade 😉